The origins of POP-UP 265 began during the ADA’s 2016 Raw Space Art Walk, which brought new vibrancy to Water St. The question arose: How do we bring more culture to Augusta on a smaller than shoestring budget?


The answers: creative problem solving, sweat equity and the willingness to try to address revitalization 250 sq. ft.  at  a time. The large windows and shallow depth of the space will allow viewers to enjoy the contemporary art  24/7 without the overhead expense of having a gallerist present. 

At the end of three years, our run at 265 Water St. is up. It was a good run. There are still plenty of artists out there, and some of occupancies on Water Street. Keep your eyes open, because we might be popping up somewhere else soon.

End Zone, Pato Hebert

May 2019

Text Installation with Football Cleats