Clinton Pettengill: Levels

July 2016


Clinton Pettengill

Mixed-media installation



Memory is impermanent and imprecise: it is both altered by external stimuli and shaped by internal experience. I am exploring my relationship with my father; specifically my twenty five years of memories working with him on rural Maine construction job sites. These memories began in the mind of a young boy who loved drawing and video games, whose imagination fused the staging of a job site with levels from a digitized world. This work explores the memory, childhood fantasy, and adult reality by blurring the lines between 2-D and 3-D worlds.


Clinton Pettengill, also known as C.P. Sketch, is a forest dwelling creator residing in the woods of Maine. C.P. mixes old traditions of carpentry and painting with today’s tech and socio-political themes to create works inspired by video games and pop culture. He is interested in creating an adventure through art that is fantastic and hinges on the youthful thirst that exists in an adult, consumed world.