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Clinton Pettengill: Through the Frosted Window


Winter 18

From the artist:

Even though our personal memories , like snowflakes, may be unique  to us as individuals, the also exist in a collective storm for all of us to be part.


This exhibition is dedicated in loving memory to my Aunt Margy. Her drawing "Through a Frosted Window" had a huge impact on my imagination. It was a point of inspiration for this installation. In her original work, she "wiped away" the frost of a window to reveal her memories of her family. I aim to provide a similar experience. Each personal memory (shared by a different individual) exists on its own snowflake. When the memories are combined together, they create a flurry of different life experiences that exist in the same atmosphere.

Clinton Pettengill lives and works in central Maine. Pettengill earned his BA from UMA. He is focused on bringing art to Central Maine. His vision is to create an adventure that is fantastic and inspires a youthful thirst in an arduous and consumed world

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