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Jesse Potts: Sight Un-seeing

June 5th-July 5th 2017

A multidisciplinary artist, Potts’ work is a hybrid of experimental sculptural processes and time-based mixed-media installation. 


Sight Un-seeing is a site-specific installation that explores the purpose, structure and emotional significance of the “home.” The title, Sight Un-seeing, is a combination of the word “sightseeing” (the action of visiting a place of interest) and the phrase “sight un-seen” (the action of buying something without first inspecting it). This title is intended to cause friction in the underlying content of the work by raising questions: Is a “home” a place or an object? Is it precious or pragmatic? Is it a psychological space or a set of coordinates? Is it steadfast or fleeting?


The work has been made using homebuilding materials and includes a mash-up of symbols that suggest both movement and stability. The goal is to elicit the simultaneous sensation of a crumpled roofline and spinning tumbleweed. The double-yellow line links the symbolism of an asphalt roof and an asphalt road. Here, the roof is a symbol stability, protection and permanence. The road subverts these attributes by referencing transience, movement, and the space between two points.

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